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Simple Solutions Built For Every Situation: Storcom

In the changing modern era, there is a necessity to improvise the business requirements according to the evolving needs of the market, customers, and technologies. In a digital environment, taking control of your organization’s IT environment and experience is pivotal because proper management and maintenance of IT Infrastructure resources are necessary to run your business smooth and fast. This includes data center, network, cloud, IT services, and storage management etc. Since its inception, Storcom has been helping mid-size enterprise organizations make key decisions regarding Infrastructure and Managed Services, Cloud Enablement, and Transformation. The firm specializes and provides expertise in the areas of primary and secondary data storage, hyper-converged infrastructure, data protection, networking, security, virtualization, disaster recovery.

Storcom also provides an array of professional and managed services including; managed data backup and recovery services, data-center design, infrastructure audits, database design and optimization, data center managed services. “The ability to leverage the public, private and hybrid cloud and the ability to operate in complex environments, Storcom is positioning itself for success now and into the future.” says Co-founder Dave Kluger.

Storcom: Integrating People, Processes

Based out of Lombard, Illinois, Storcom was founded by Dave Kluger and Jeff James in 1998 as a third-party IT reseller and Support Company. For more than 18 years, Storcom has been a high-touch IT solutions provider servicing the greater South and Midwest.

The founders saw the benefit of being a creative and helpful player in the IT world and made sure to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing market. Storcom stayed ahead of the curve and firmly on its feet by being open to new and emerging technologies and trends.

As a high-touch provider, Storcom invests in the necessary consulting time to understand and improve its client’s IT environment and to ultimately improve the client’s business. This focus on enabling the clients to improve their business through enhancements in IT means that Storcom provides its clients with options based on investment, risk avoidance and improvements that keep the clients in the forefront of their business.

The Pillars of Strengths for Success

Storcom provides data center services ranging from co-location to its private hosted cloud offering, as well as a comprehensive DR-as-a Service offering (Recovery by Storcom). The company provides complete flexibility and can adapt to its customer’s needs, unlike most of the large “Big Box” data center facilities.

Storcom relies on trusted and tried products and talented line technician to minimize IT infrastructure downtime. The company’s primary T3 Data Center, located in Lombard Illinois, was opened in August of 2010 and during the time it has been operating it has zero percent downtime form an operations standpoint. This facility offers various connectivity options alongside advanced monitoring and disaster recovery services, providing the optimal infrastructure needed.

While there will always be bumps in the road in terms of IT infrastructure, minimizing risk, and acting on whatever problems may arise right away are Storcom strengths in navigating rough waters. Furthermore, the company believes one should not be afraid to change or adapt. The market is always shifting, and there will always be new and emerging technologies popping up. The key to thriving in that world is always being ready to make changes and to know what to look for in future technologies that can make a difference in its client’s environments.

Building a Good Customer Experience by Building a Good Customer Relationship

Storcom is driven to excel by the quality of its products and the relationships with its customers. The company has good working relationships with its clients and is always spoken highly by them. Jeff James, CEO says, “We like to serve the small to medium enterprise range, as we feel we can offer a more personal approach and product with that size company. The familiarity we have with our customer’s environments is one of our major advantages.”

In addition, the familiar and one on one approach Storcom gives to its clients makes them feel comfortable with Storcom working in and on their environments. Customers want someone they can trust with their infrastructures and the company has a quick response time and a quality product that allows clients to relax and focus on bigger picture items.

Just Around the Corner

Storcom hopes to continue to expand to new customers as well as keeping its current partners happy and relaxed with the services the firm provides. The company will have a fully re-designed web presence as well as will continue to promote and deploy its Recover Cloud Service. Growth is essential and Storcom sees itself staying on top of the ever-changing IT world as well as the adaptation of already existing environments.

Clients Rave About Storcom

“Storcom understands that price is not the only factor in making an IT decision. While other re-sellers were pushing high-margin products, Storcom understood what was best for my company and our environment. They truly bring a holistic approach to recommending and consulting on IT purchases. I would never go anywhere else.” – Sheila O’Shea, COO, ZMF LLC

“Finally, a solution that truly allowed our organization to mitigate risk and focus on our own IT staffs core initiatives and projects, rather than be burdened with tasks that can now be performed with a lower total cost of ownership.” – Kurt Bonigut, CIO, Frontline Homeowners Insurance

The Founding Dyad

Jeff James, CEO:

“As a high-touch provider, we invest in the necessary consulting time to understand and improve our client’s IT environment and to ultimately improve our client’s business.”

Dave Kluger, Principal Technology Architect:

“Our internal private cloud has enabled us to host our clients’ infrastructure, reducing on-premise data center cost and risk”

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