10 Jul

What do Baking and DR testing have in common?

Growing up in NYC and working at a bakery gave me a deep understanding of the processes that go into baking quality cakes and baked goods.  One of the tasks I had at our bakery was making the homemade blondies and brownies each day.  So you may ask, what does this have to do with Disaster Recovery testing? Well quite a lot.

At Storcom, we consistently see that Disaster Recovery testing is one of areas within IT that many mid-tier sized organizations push to the the back burner. When juggling the demands of today’s IT needs it’s to push this task off the priority list.  When it comes to protecting data in general, we all know that we need to do “backups”  but why? Simple, because a time may come where we need some part or all of a data set brought back to a point in time.

When baking a cake you go through a methodical process of getting the right ingredients together, mixing them, and finally going through the baking process.  When a baker puts a sheet pan in the oven they don’t just set a timer and walk away and come back 30 minutes when the recipe says it’s supposed to be done.  You consistently have to come back to the oven while you are doing other tasks and check the cake and make sure it’s baking properly, if one part is getting cooked faster than another then you might turn the pan or move it to another rack.

Checking your data integrity and disaster recovery process should be no different.  Most companies are simply waiting  for the “timer” to go off and find out that their “cake” is ruined.   Part of the “Recover by Storcom” solution is making sure all of our clients data is being regularly checked for data integrity as well as scheduling full disaster recovery tests on a periodic basis. Whether they be yearly or quarterly, we don’t take chances when it comes to our process working properly when it will count the most.

Obviously, my analogy to baking a cake is much more simplistic, but it is realistic. A baker does not want to spend all of that time and resources on baking a cake to find out it needs to be thrown in the trash.   Companies need to make DR testing a priority so that when they need their data the most it is available and all the processes necessary to get users to be able to access that data are in working order.

Dave Kluger – Principal Technology Architect, – Storcom


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