22 Jul

Millennials Adopting Cloud Based Technology

Ali Mirdamadi  has written a great editorial “How Millennials Will Accelerate the Adoption of Cloud Technology” on his Linkedin page. At Storcom a large portion of our salesforce fits into the Millennial generation.   I couldn’t agree more with Ali Mirdamadi about his views on how Millennials are not “narcissistic, impatient, delusional, and happy-go-lucky.”


The ones that work with us here at Storcom very much fall into the entrepreneurial mentality and with that I can certainly see how millennials will move in the direction of using cloud based software as a service as well as cloud based infrastructure.  It just makes good business sense.   As this progresses I think the influence of millennials, as they get older, will push SAS based solutions more and more into the mainstream.  For all of the reasons that Ali Mirdamadi mentioned it makes good sense.


One thing that I do still think is important to point out is that millennials also hold many positions within larger IT environments where cloud based initiatives will  be much harder to implement, not only from a technical standpoint but also a political standpoint.

In these types of organizations I am not sure millennials will have necessarily the same impact that they do in the smaller more nimble companies that we typically think of them working for.


All-in-all I think this editorial has a lot of merit to it and it’s a brave new world we are facing .  At Storocm we are also starting to see more and more new solutions that leverage a hybrid approach of on-prem and public cloud technologies that I can also see being adopted which will fuel some of the metrics that were sited in the editorial


Dave Kluger – Principal Technology Architect @ Storcom Inc.    Dave Kluger has 20+ years IT expeice and runs the blog at Storcom.net
Ali Mirdamadi is a Sr. Business Development Manager for Abacus Data Systems Inc. and currently runs the blog caseforthecloud.com where he discusses about the future of cloud computing and how it will impact businesses.

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