30 Jun

How Do I Choose The Right Provider for DRaaS?

A recent post from Brian Posey over at Searchdisasterrecovery “How do I choose the right cloud services provider for DRaaS?” points out some of the pros and cons of using the big cloud providers like AWS and Azure over a smaller managed service provider like Storcom to provide DR-as-a-service.

He does a good job of pointing out the fact that it all depends on an organization’s needs, which is absolutely true. However at Storcom, we think that in most cases when looking at companies in the Mid-enterprise space, the need for directed consulting on the entire DR process is way more valuable than the benefits of scalability that the large cloud providers bring to the table.

He points out that large cloud providers can provide rock solid SLA’s, unlimited resources, and multi-site data centers which all make sense when looking at running production workloads.  At Storcom, we believe that the benefits of having a custom tailored solution that is designed to meet your needs, as well as providing the consulting expertise and services to extend your IT workforce, outweigh any of the large cloud provider benefits.

The Recover by Storcom managed DR-as-a-service solution provides organizations with the ability to turn on and turn off consulting services as needed, eg. helping design a DR/BC runbook with the process and tasks needed to bring critical systems back online and provide proper connectivity.

A smaller managed services solution provider also brings to the table other services such as helping make sure all data is protected on a day to day basis or an on-demand basis. This is something that is not available from the large Cloud providers.  If you do not have the in-house expertise, then you simply can rely on a managed services provider that has a staff of IT professionals that can aid in these gaps that your staff may have.

All-in-All, Brian Posey did a good job of pointing out the benefits and drawbacks of the solutions from a pure technical standpoint, but missed a few key points from a services standpoint. Storcom can provide the benefits of managed data protection as a service that much of the industry is still not seeing today.

Full Article from searchdisasterrecovery.com

-Dave Kluger

Principal Technology Architect

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